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Non-English Speakers

Coming to register when English is not your first language can be daunting. We work to help all those, whether international students, immigrants, migrants, refugees, or asylum seekers, feel welcome. If you are making an appointment and require a translator, we can organise this for you. If you are registering please feel free to bring someone who can help you translate or contact us or the university to help you find a translator. You can also access the Google Translate button to help better understand the website. 

More information on NHS Scotland website


Please be aware that due to NHS Community Health Index Numbers (an NHS number identity that you are given as soon as you register with NHS in Scotland - if you were born in Scotland you will have had this since birth), you may come up on our computer systems as your born pronoun. This will change if you have changed your name by deed poll, and through official NHS services, who will contact you regarding this. This is due to screening for things like smears and validating your preferred options. For more information, please see this NHS Scotland guide.

In terms of sexual health, our senior partners Dr. Aileen Doherty and Dr. Gregor Murdoch run sexual health clinics. Please feel free to book an appointment with whatever doctor you feel most comfortable with (Dr Doherty usually runs a female-friendly clinic and Dr Murdoch a male-friendly, but please book with whomever you feel comfortable with). Please note these are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We strive to create a safe environment for any members of the community, LGBTQI+ all included. Your GP may help to advise you on support networks, or any health issues you may have.

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