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Lab Results

Please phone after 2.00pm for your results. Your call will be dealt with in the strictest confidence by the admin team who, acting on your GP's instructions, will advise you of your results and if you need to make an appointment.

Please be aware that we can only give results to the patient concerned as we are bound by very strict rules of confidentiality. The exceptions would be - unless it is your child who is under the age of 12 or unless we have consent from the patient. 

Most standard tests (blood work) will be back within 1-2 days, however some results may take longer (from weeks to a few months). This is because some results may need to be sent to elsewhere to be tested. Examples of these results include, but not limited to; smears, coeliac testing, allergy tests (RASTS), genetics and more. 

Please be aware - the practice does not phone you with a normal result. 

Please phone if you have any queries. 

It is your responsibility to check your results and to make an appointment with the GP if you are advised to do so. We will contact you regarding this via a member of the admin team, but if you have any additional queries, please make an appointment with the GP, as they are medically qualified to explain any questions you may have.

Please note, the medical admin team are advised on messages to pass on to patients re results, but are not medically qualified themselves. Any medical questions, please ask for GP advice, or book an appointment. 

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